Thank you

Congratulations to everyone who claimed their Reyu Genesis!

Your NFT(s) will be airdropped over the next 48 hours, at which time you’ll know the rarity.

The global reveal for everyone’s Reyus happens on January 17 @ 3pm MT (10pm UTC)


I clicked purchase, where is my Reyu?

Your Reyu will be airdropped to you starting January 16th.

What rarity of Reyu will I get?

The rarity of your Reyu is determined randomly. Once airdropped, you can view what rarity Reyu Genesis you received on OpenSea.

Where will I get my Reyu?

Your Reyu will be airdropped to the Ethereum account that you paid the gas from.

How many Reyu Genesis NFTs were available?

Supply for this exclusive Reyu Genesis Collection was 20,000.

Why are you staggering the claiming and the reveal?

As you’ll see, when you claim your Reyu Genesis, your NFT will not hit your wallet until sometime on January 16 or 17th. Once you receive it, you’ll know the rarity of your NFT, but the look of your Reyu won’t be fully revealed until January 17.

We’re doing this for a couple of reasons. We want to make sure we keep gas fees low and we don’t want to jam up the system so the whole process works as smoothly as possible. The other is that we want to celebrate the launch of Reyu Genesis with you. We’ll be hosting a live event on January 17, so everyone can join in a global reveal party.

I missed it! When will the next Unioverse Hero claim be?

We are just getting warmed up! We’ll be launching many similar claiming events and more Hero NFTs (Krishah is on the way!) throughout the year, so follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server for the latest news and info.